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How to Avoid an Abusive Partner: 10 Unacceptable Habits in a Relationship

Abuse is never okay. It doesn’t matter who the abuser is, what their reasons may be, or how long they’ve been doing it. Abusive relationships are never acceptable and should not be tolerated. It’s the best thing for you and your safety. With the right help, you can get out of that relationship and start a new one that’s safe and supportive.

Ways to Know Your Relationship Is No Longer Working

Everyone has their definition of what a perfect relationship should look like. But for most people, it involves plenty of passion, commitment, and happiness. Unfortunately, not all relationships live up to these expectations. Many couples find themselves stuck in a rut where nothing seems to be going their way. If you’re feeling like your relationship […]

What are the secrets to a happy and healthy relationship?

Do you want to be loved and connected by your partner? These ideas can help you create and keep a healthy, happy, and satisfying romantic relationship. Developing a positive relationship Every romantic relationship will face good and bad times, but if both partners are committed to making things work, the relationship can weather any storm. […]